Update WINS Server Addresses

I threw together this VB script the other day at work for updating the WINS server IP addresses of statically configured network adapters. I’m posting it here for anyone else who may be in the same unfortunate situation as me of having to still support a WINS environment. Our WINS servers were moved to a new location requiring an addressing change, which meant manually updating those addresses on around 40 servers. I wanted a script that would prompt for credentials, then reach out and make the change only on adapters that were in a specific subnet range and not touch any others, but couldn’t find one that did everything I wanted. This script was put together from 3 other scripts I found that each did part of what I wanted. There may have been a few better ways to accomplish this, but this was probably the best for my situation. The script can be viewed here, just copy it into a file with a .vbs extension, and edit the custom variables if you want to use it. It requires a file named Serverlist.txt, containing a list of server names or IP addresses to update, one per line. It can be run from the command line with the CScript interpreter: ( C:\> cscript wins_update.vbs ). It will prompt for admin credentials, perform the updates, then output a log file showing what server adapters were updated, and any connectivity problems.


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