Group Policy Preferences

I just attended a very informative webinar given by Group Policy MVP Derek Melber (one of only 10 in the world), and was made aware of a major point that I had previously missed out on. I held the incorrect assumption that Group Policy Preferences were only functional in a Server 2008 Active Directory domain environment. Turns out this isn’t true, they will work in a 2003 functional level domain, and the only requirements are that they need to be administered from a Vista SP1 (with RSAT installed) or Server 2008 machine. On the client side, minimum requirements are XP SP2 or Server 2003 SP1. This is huge news for admins who find themselves resorting to scripting or 3rd party tools for what should be simple tasks (like drive mapping, local group maintenance, local admin password resets, VPN settings, just to name a few). I urge anyone in a Group Policy admin role to check this out and take a look at how powerful GP Preferences are.

Microsoft Group Policy Preferences FAQ

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