Gary Vaynerchuk on Branding, Passion, & Hustling

Gary Vaynerchuk, creator and host of the popular WineLibraryTV website & video podcast, recently gave a great talk to a conference of web 2.0 developers in New York. While some of his points really only pertain if you’re in business to form a web start-up, much of it pertains to life in general, and can definitely be applied to the IT field. To roughly paraphrase him here, “there are too many people doing stuff they hate…there is no reason, in 2008, for anyone to be doing something they hate”.

I highly recommend watching this (link below) if you have the 15 minutes to spare, at least watch the first 5 or 6 minutes. He’s a good speaker and the talk is very motivational. I’ve worked with too many people who obviously don’t enjoy working in their field, be it IT or otherwise, or who spend their time complaining about the way things are, rather than doing something about it. To paraphrase him again: “if you don’t truly love what you do, QUIT, and start doing what you love”. It seems obvious, but you really should enjoy what you do, after all you have to spend the majority of your only life doing it. At the very least, if you insist on being miserable, suck it up and stop complaining. You’re ruining the day for the rest of us.


Gary Vaynerchuk Web 2.0 Expo Video


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  1. gary has the craziest branding for his win line. he is way ahead of his time

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