Links: Major TCP/IP Vulnerability & New “Windows Cloud” OS

Just a few quick links of interest today. First up are a few related to a serious vulnerability in TCP/IP that enables denial of service attacks against any platform running TCP/IP (so basically everything). Hopefully we’ll see patches from vendors before more details are made available on Oct. 17th.

New DoS Attack is a Killer

New attacks reveal fundamental problems with TCP

Researchers caution against TCP/IP weakness

Update (Oct 2): This post from Fyodor, creator of Nmap, does a good job at explaining what this vulnerability might be, and putting it into perspective. Sounds like this may not be anything new.

Update (Oct 3): Robert Lee, one of the researchers behind the vuln discovery, responds to Fyodor’s post.

Last up, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced today that within a month MS will release a new operating system, currently being called “Windows Cloud”. Sounds interesting, I’m sure it will build upon their “Live” services platform, some of which I’ve covered in the past.

Microsoft will soon release ‘Windows Cloud’ OS


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