Powerful Data Synchronization – Simple & Free

If you have the need to synchronize data between a pair of directories, take a look at this utility released by Microsoft several weeks ago. SyncToy 2.0 is a tool that facilitates synchronization of files and folders between a pair of directories, on either the same or different machines.

Keeping files synchronized between two locations has never really been simple. There are powerful tools like Secure Copy, but they’re expensive. Then there are utilities like RoboCopy that are great at initial synchronization, but require a good deal of scripting to support features like 2 way syncing and syncing of only updated files. For the SOHO market, many external drives usually come with software for this purpose, but it typically doesn’t work well and is best categorized as bloatware.

Despite its name, SyncToy is a very powerful utility that supports 2-way data synchronization, or two different types of 1-way synchronization (whether or not delete operations are replicated). It also supports sub-folders, file renames, and exclusion filtering based on file names or attributes. Among some of its other features are support for x64 platforms, UNC paths, detection of drive letter reassignment, and a preview option that shows pending operations before they are run. SyncToy 2.0 has a GUI front end, or can be run as a command line utility, which means it can be set up as a scheduled task. SyncToy may not be the best solution for an enterprise, and won’t replace regular backups. However, it’s great for home or business users who want to keep a secondary copy of their data in another location. I personally use it at home to backup data on my NAS to an external USB drive. And of course, the best feature is that it’s free.


SyncToy 2.0


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  1. Powerful Data Synchronization with SyncToy…

    Microsoft SyncToy 2.0 is a tool that facilitates synchronization of files and folders between directories….

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