Random Tech-Bits: 19 Dec 2008

Friday Link Round-Up:

Ethical Hacking Course Launched in UK – “students will be taught how to run denial-of-service attacks…tricks of social engineering…as well as how to create viruses“.  I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing, I guess the info is already out there anyway, so why not?

What Your Computer Does While You Wait – Great post delving into internal architecture and component interaction.

Personal Branding Tips To Avoid Getting Fired – Non-technical but timely article. Tip #9: write a blog, check.

U.S. Unprepared For Cyber-Attack – “The war game simulated a dramatic surge in computer attacks… revealed flaws in leadership, planning, communications and other issues.”

Secure Data Transmission Within Windows Networks – Interesting encryption solution from Unisys facilitating secure data sharing between “communities of interest” in Active Directory based networks. Designed to meet DoD security challenges, but  should see some private sector use.


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