Top Posts of 2008

Because it’s the holiday season, when my creativity and free time are both at their lowest, I’m going to take a method from the television world (the clip show) and do a “best of” post. These are the top TechScrawl posts of 2008 based on visitor count and reader feedback.

1) VMWare ESX / Microsoft Hyper-V Comparison – This is by far my most popular post to date. Written in August (before the release of Hyper-V Server standalone) it gives a good feature summary of these two releases. It also got me quoted in the Sept. edition of Computer Business Review magazine.

2) BackTrack 3 Tips – A fairly short post with 3 networking related tweaks, it nonetheless got a ton of hits, owing to the popularity of this security distro. Look for more BackTrack related posts in the future.

3) Simple SOHO IDS with Snort & a DIY Network TAP – One of my first posts after starting this blog in April, it discussed Snort placement in the network and constructing your own network tap.

4) Analyzing Windows Crash Dumps in 3 Easy Steps – Getting started with crash dump analyzing can be difficult. While it can be much more complex than the description in this post, I simplified it down to 3 steps that will be adequate for most troubleshooters.

5) Top 10 IT Security Tasks To Complete Before You Die – A post from early December, but still very popular, partly due to TechScrawl’s recent inclusion in the Security Bloggers Network.

See you in 2009.

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