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scrawl [skrawl]: (v)-to write in a sprawling, awkward manner (n)-something scrawled, as a letter or a note.

TechScrawl is a technology blog focusing on a wide variety of technology related areas including enterprise IT, information security, penetration testing, networking, virtualization, and Windows & Linux administration.

I am an IT Professional who lives & works in Richmond, Virginia, and am currently employed as a Systems Administrator for a large research organization.  I created this blog as a place to post content related to my technology interests. Besides a number of years of experience working in the IT field, I have a B.S. in Information Systems, an MCSE certification, and am currently pursuing security certification.

To contact me click here.

– Clay


Any advice, methods, or solutions, technical or otherwise, should be taken on an as-is basis. No claims of expertise are made on any subject matter found on this blog.  Proper independent research should be done before attempting anything found here.


Creative Commons License

Except where otherwise noted, all content on TechScrawl.com by Clay Shekleton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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