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Random Tech-Bits: SSLStrip, TCP Security, DNSSEC, and more…

Random Tech-Bits is a periodic roundup of interesting technology related links & news stories.


Top Posts of 2008

Because it’s the holiday season, when my creativity and free time are both at their lowest, I’m going to take a method from the television world (the clip show) and do a “best of” post. These are the top TechScrawl posts of 2008 based on visitor count and reader feedback.

1) VMWare ESX / Microsoft Hyper-V Comparison – This is by far my most popular post to date. Written in August (before the release of Hyper-V Server standalone) it gives a good feature summary of these two releases. It also got me quoted in the Sept. edition of Computer Business Review magazine.

2) BackTrack 3 Tips – A fairly short post with 3 networking related tweaks, it nonetheless got a ton of hits, owing to the popularity of this security distro. Look for more BackTrack related posts in the future.

3) Simple SOHO IDS with Snort & a DIY Network TAP – One of my first posts after starting this blog in April, it discussed Snort placement in the network and constructing your own network tap.

4) Analyzing Windows Crash Dumps in 3 Easy Steps – Getting started with crash dump analyzing can be difficult. While it can be much more complex than the description in this post, I simplified it down to 3 steps that will be adequate for most troubleshooters.

5) Top 10 IT Security Tasks To Complete Before You Die – A post from early December, but still very popular, partly due to TechScrawl’s recent inclusion in the Security Bloggers Network.

See you in 2009.

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Random Tech-Bits: 19 Dec 2008

Friday Link Round-Up:

Ethical Hacking Course Launched in UK – “students will be taught how to run denial-of-service attacks…tricks of social engineering…as well as how to create viruses“.  I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing, I guess the info is already out there anyway, so why not?

What Your Computer Does While You Wait – Great post delving into internal architecture and component interaction.

Personal Branding Tips To Avoid Getting Fired – Non-technical but timely article. Tip #9: write a blog, check.

U.S. Unprepared For Cyber-Attack – “The war game simulated a dramatic surge in computer attacks… revealed flaws in leadership, planning, communications and other issues.”

Secure Data Transmission Within Windows Networks – Interesting encryption solution from Unisys facilitating secure data sharing between “communities of interest” in Active Directory based networks. Designed to meet DoD security challenges, but  should see some private sector use.


Random Tech-Bits: Friday Link Roundup – Nov 14

Interesting IT & InfoSec related links this week:

30 Skills Every IT Person Should Have – InfoWorld Article. This is one of the better lists like this I’ve come across.

Security Vulnerabilities in SOHO Routers – Very interesting paper discussing a number of the weaknesses found in SOHO routers.

Breaking WEP & WPA – Paper covering the recent WPA TKIP attack.

Roughly 25% of DNS Servers Still Vulnerable – Article covers a recent study showing many DNS servers still vulnerable to cache poisoning attacks.


Random Tech-Bits: Friday Link Roundup – Nov 07

A roundup of interesting IT & Security related news stories this week:

WPA WiFi Encryption Cracked – Make the move to WPA2 ASAP.

WPA Crack Not That Bad – Ok, disregard above. You’re safe with WPA, for now.

Chinese hackers access the White House network – Keeping the stereotype alive

President-elect Obama will appoint a Cyber-Security czar – Goal will be to “accelerate implementation of near-term, well understood measures to improve cyber-defense“.

The problem with Pen-testing – Fairly interesting article on penetration testing methodologies.


Random Tech-Bits: Friday Link Roundup

Wired keyboard snooping via electromagnetic emanations

RAID 5 reaching the end of usefulness?

ADrive.com – 50 GB (!!!) of free online storage

A good SUSE 10 crontab reference I found useful

Ernst & Young 2008 Global Information Security Survey

Proposal in the UK will allow logging of all Internet & mobile communication

IDSCenter – a good front end for Snort if you run it on Windows


Random Tech-Bits: Link Round Up

I’ve done link round ups in the past, and am now toying with the idea of a single weekly entry for that purpose if I find enough interesting information to justify a posting. Friday seems like as good a day as any, so without further ado… Random Tech-Bits Link Roundup #2: